Motivation has many definitions and according to me:

   1. Motivation is to control yourself, your desires and to be consistent for everything in your work and your life.


2. Motivation is to encourage yourself to do something positive and something better.


No video and quote can give you motivation. Your own life and your own mistakes can give you motivation. The motivation from videos and quotes is temporary. And we don’t have enough time to learn by making mistakes on our own. So it is good to learn from the mistakes of others and improve ourselves. And the true fact of our life is that no other person can be responsible for your life. So in your life, you have to do everything yourself. When something goes wrong then raise your voice for it. There is right and wrong in every person’s life but the best thing is how do we get out of it. And if you want to learn from another person’s life then a failed person can give you more motivation than a successful person. Because he knows where he was wrong in his life.

And on the basis of my personal experience about life, motivation can be divided in two ways:

·   External - when a person is motivated by money and awards etc. it is called external motivation.
     ·   Internal - when a person is motivated by his internal values and desires etc. it is called internal motivation.

      3. And parents are the world’s biggest motivation.


Whenever in life, you feel that you don’t understand in which direction you should go, at that time think about your mother and father, what they have done to get you here. 
And think that now you have to do everything for your parents. We can not break the trust of our parents. Because we do not know what they have endured, to get us here.

So the conclusion is that whenever you do not see any way to give yourself motivation, then think about your parents and try to improve yourself every day.