Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference


Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Guys................. I hope you all are doing well. Today I would like to share my views on “Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference”. I am talking about this topic because I see this problem with almost every person. Two friends of mine were also facing the same problem but their attitude to solve their problem was different. Both of them wanted to start their own business. But both of them had a different attitude towards their business. One friend was patient and confident. And another friend wanted to be successful only in eleven months to one year. But this is the reality of life that nobody can’t be successful in some days or months. You have to be patient and positive towards your dream. If you have no patience then you can’t be successful. So when both of my friends started the business, one of them closed his business after one year but my other friend continued moving forward with his confidence and positivity. And now after four years, my second friend is the owner of an IT company, and my first friend who had no patience is only an employee in my second friend’s company. Only because of their attitude towards their dream now one is an employee and another is the owner. 


So attitude can change everything. The second one of the best examples to prove this line is that some people take inspiration from successful persons and some people from failures. According to me, a failed person gives us more ideas then a successful person. Because failures give us more ideas which we should avoid in our life so that without wasting any time, we can move towards our success. So always try to learn from other's mistakes. And we can learn from the quote of THE GREAT DR.APJ ABDUL KALAM that all birds find shelter during a rain except eagle. He chooses to fly above the clouds when it is raining. This is because of the attitude of the eagle and other birds. 


That’s why the eagle is different from other birds. Another example also explains the value of this line. Some humans save their money in banks and some others try to make money by money means they prefer to use their money in other works or business instead of saving. And this is only because of their attitude towards the use of money. And these types of people who make money by money are the most successful people on the earth.

# Live with a positive attitude.

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